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The City of Devi combines, in a magician’s feat, the thrill of Bollywood with the pull of a thriller. Set in a city at the brink of the end, this is a fiercely imagined story of three souls haunted by a love that will change their most elemental ideas of identity. Manil Suri’s bravest and most passionate book.”  —KIRAN DESAI

“Even amid the wondrous variety of contemporary Indian fiction, Suri’s work stands apart, mingling comedy and death, eroticism and politics, godhood and Bollywood like no one else.” —WASHINGTON POST

“Suri’s take on apocalypse is broadly satirical….But at its root this is a stirringly poignant love story, drawn with deep compassion.”—THE NEW YORKER

“Big, pyrotechnic…ambitious…ingenious”—WALL STREET JOURNAL

“Exuberant and sexy….when the world comes to an end, I will spend my last days in Mumbai clutching a copy of Manil Suri’s dazzling epic.”—GARY SHTEYNGART